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How to make a yearbook online?

To make a yearbook, you can always use Google doc/slides, Canva, or the usual quite expensive Jostens, Yearbooks avenue, Lifetouch, or Walsworth. But you will get a big chance that you will make a yearbook that looks like many other yearbooks.

If you want a truly unique yearbook, and make your own yearbook, here are a few ways to make it a fun and unique yearbook design: 

1- Use Instagram Private account to collect and make your online yearbook

Instagram is usually known and use as a personal social network to share our content with friends. It's more and more use by businesses and brands to showcase their products and services.  

But you can also use it to do your unique online yearbook. Let me explain to you how!

To make a yearbook, you can create your own new Instagram account at the beginning of the school year or during the year, and collect all content, photos, and pages from the students that make sense to put in your digital yearbook design.

And then when the time comes to print your yearbook, as a yearbook maker, you can just connect to My Social Book, select the Instagram book for your yearbook templates, the MAGIC append, and preview in one click your yearbook cover and pages.

It is fully automated to make a yearbook, so do not hesitate to test, it is a free yearbook maker free!


2- What about Google Photos to make the perfect School Yearbook album?

The beauty of Google Photos is that it is totally free to use to store all your images.

To create a Yearbook you just need to collect and upload the photos, pages, and creative ideas you want to see in your yearbook layout. 

Just ask your classmates and team to send you all the fun memories, photos, graphics, everything you want in your yearbook design.

Then you just need to upload it to your Google Photos account. 

At the end of the school year, when it's time to print your yearbook and share it with your classmates, you just connect to My Social Book and select Google photos book editor, connect your Google account and by magic, it fills and saves in the template. It's an automatic process that downloads the entire students' elements to edit, save to allow you to see in less than a minute the free preview of your yearbook. And Voila! Your yearbook online is ready to print!


3- Everybody wants to design their own page in your yearbook pages?

No problem that is possible! They can create or draw or paint or do anything they want on a page. They can capture their creativity. Then they just need to take a nice picture of the newly created art piece :) 

I'll give you one more example of how I solved this problem. Every year, I used to have a lot fewer pictures in my yearbook design because everyone would have the same ideas, and take the same pictures. This frustration led me to create a section whereby people could design their own page. So, I would have them draw or write something and then take a picture like normal. This made my yearbook so much better! It gave personality to my yearbook.

If you would like people to design their own page in your yearbook, just let them know and ask for a photo of the art piece they create.

Here are two examples of designs:

  • Adam Cantu shows how to create a unique page design with his very personal style.


  • Mikey Wallis explains how to use the Canva tool to create few yearbook pages and yearbook cover



You grab all that content and download it on Google Photos or post it on a private Instagram account. Tools are to make your life easier to get started with creating your yearbook.

Then you can do the same magic! Connect to My Social Book, create your yearbook automatically, see your free preview of your Yearbook pages and select a few options like hardcover or softcover, glossy or matt cover, and the color theme that you want. Best quality, professional final yearbook

That’s it, what a great idea, it is done! 

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