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How To Pick A Theme For Your Wedding

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Here at My Social Book, we’ve talked a little bit about weddings – how to photograph them and how to make a photo book out of them – but we haven’t talked about one of the most important aspects: the theme.

Choosing a wedding theme can be pretty difficult, especially if you and your partner have fairly different personalities. For instance, your partner might be imagining a bright, multi-faceted, extravagant affair based around the theme of fairy tales. You, on the other hand, might be imagining a theme based around austerity and how important it is to save money in the current climate.

Both themes are not great. By that, we mean a wedding doesn’t have to be extravagant and expensive to be perfect, but it also doesn’t need to feel downtrodden by a ridiculously strict budget. You and your partner need to find a way to meet in the middle and go for something that is not too expensive, not too thrifty, and looks beautiful to both of you.   

Thankfully, there are countless wedding themes that can cater to this. Some of them might be a bit “out there”, but the important thing is that they look gorgeous and don’t need an awful lot of money to set in motion. With this in mind, here are seven of our favourites that you should think about before the big day: 

Mining The Possibilities Of Minimalism

When it comes to protecting your life savings, the power of minimalism cannot be understated. This involves going for a sleek aesthetic. Something simple, clean, easy on the eye. Colours like white and black with accents of silver and gold. If you’re thinking about making that Instagram hashtag or Instagram photo book as aesthetic as possible then, oftentimes, it is this kind of theme that is the most striking.

Keeping It Cool And Casual

Another theme that cannot be underestimated is the low-stress look. So often, weddings can become frantic affairs that have to be right in every way. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and keep it cool and casual. Create something that reminds guests of home, celebrate the commitment that you are making with your partner over the way that the wedding actually looks. Once again, something like this will always shine through and become beautiful in its own way.

Love And The Lifeguard

But what if you want something more than that? Well, instead of decorating a venue and spending money on inserting a theme into a place, why don’t you find somewhere the theme is already present and the beauty already catered for? Beach weddings are a very popular choice among couples who love the ocean, and want to use that light, breezy atmosphere for their big day. Finding the right ways to photograph beaches can also lead to some stunning wedding shots, which is another plus! 

Going Great Gatsby

Everyone loves a bit of vintage, and the classic, glitzy style of the roaring 20’s would definitely add some spice to the proceedings. Working out how to incorporate a “Great Gatsby” theme for your wedding is pretty easy. It can be achieved with simple black décor, layered gold, pearls and an over-abundance of candles. It’s also about fun! Incorporating unique dress codes, oversized champagne flutes and gorgeous old furniture to really emphasise the party atmosphere.

We Wish You A Merry Wedding

Remember, your wedding doesn’t have to take place in the summer. In fact, more and more people are having their weddings in the winter now, in the hope that they will be met with a bliss, snowy downfall to make the day even more magical. The winter theme can be achieved with a cool, white and natural scene. If it doesn’t snow on the wedding day – and you’d rather not travel to a country where it is bound to snow – then you can still imitate a winter wonderland with soft white décor, white confetti and gorgeous faux fur.

Weddings With Wildlife

Speaking of a natural theme, you can’t get more natural than having your wedding outside, surrounded by trees and greenery. Of course, with a theme like this, it’s important to scout the perfect place and ensure you can shelter if the weather turns out to be disagreeable. It will certainly be worth it, though. Not only is it economical, but the beautiful,  wild aesthetic will never fail to drop jaws amongst your guests – and will continue to do so once you send them into a photo book maker

Colour Colour Colour

Lastly, one of the best – and most simple – themes of 2023 has turned out to be chic, pastel weddings. This includes stark, pastel colours that fill the venue and are represented within the dress code of your  guests. Weddings like this can also really make the bride shine, as the white of the dress really stands out amongst group photographs. It’s colourful, but toned down, delicate and makes the whole event feel hopelessly, inherently romantic.


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