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The Bachelorette Party: A Guide To What You Must (And Mustn't) Photograph

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Every woman dreams about one day in their life. A day they have been waiting for forever, searching for that special someone. In many ways, they are shaped by it; they go into that day as one person, and come out of it someone else entirely. We are, of course, talking about the bachelorette party. 

Obviously, there’s a wedding or something that comes after it, but the main event is definitely the party, with that special someone taking the shape of your maid of honour. It’s she who has the prestigious job of putting it all together.

The only problem with the bachelorette party, however, is that it can get a bit blurry. Often, a fair collection of cocktails is involved in the matter, making it a little hard to remember the finer details after the night is over. 

But that’s why camera phones were invented. If you, your maid of honour or any one of your group keeps your wits, there are plenty of moments to photograph and savour after the day is done. You can then put all of the best onto your social media feeds and create an accompanying photo book in 2 clicks;  although we would advise caution here. 

If you are doing the bachelorette party right, there are certain things that can and can’t be advertised on social media or in a photo book. With this in mind, here is a quick guide to what you must (and mustn’t) photograph during your bachelorette party:

The Big Get-Together

One of the mistakes many people make during their bachelorette party is photographing the night out, but failing to photograph anything beforehand. But there is so much more to a bachelorette than your friend’s shoddy attempt at making margaritas. The first thing you need to photograph is the big get-together. Every bachelorette reunion is something to cherish, so make sure you capture the moment – or get someone to capture it for you – so you can savour all of the smiling faces for years to come. 

There are, however, certain things that you must not photograph in this instance. With everyone getting together, this is likely the time that gifts are going to be given. Without getting too detailed, bachelorette party gifts can be a little risque, and there are probably some that are “you really had to be there” gifts, so perhaps put the phone down at this point and just enjoy the moment! 

The Day Time Frivolities

Whether you’re going to a festival, renting out a party house or doing a bit of classy wine-tasting – before things get a bit more hectic – you’re going to want to photograph the activity and demonstrate that there was something sophisticated about the celebrations. 

For this one, make sure to capture every one of your friends solo. For instance, if you’ve decided to go pottery making – which is, surprisingly enough, one of the most popular activities for bachelorette parties – then take a picture of each of your friend’s posing with their creation. Sometimes, in group photographs, it’s hard to distinguish everyone, especially if the odd person has their back to the camera. This is a great way to capture everyone and make sure all of your friend’s are represented if you choose to use the photo book maker later.

Painting The Town Red

Of course, before you all go out on the town – or wherever it is you are celebrating your wedding – you are going to have to spend a bit of time getting ready. Once again, with everyone getting dressed and made up, it can be easy to neglect photo taking, but those moments before the night out are filled with an excitement and a buzz that shouldn’t be missed. Oftentimes, if you photograph the preparation in the right way, you can feel that excitement in the photographs and experience that buzz all over again when you come to look back at them.

When you’re out celebrating, another thing you should try to find – or book if you are renting out a venue or staying at home to celebrate --  is a photo booth. if you’ve been taking most of the photographs all day, this is where you can finally get a good one of yourself – even if you know how to take a good selfie, your arm is going to get sore after a while! It’s also where your friends can  gather to take some more professional looking photographs. We’re not saying your photographs aren’t going to be professional, by the way. We’re just saying that, by this point, they might not be as striking as they had been earlier in the day, especially if wine-tasting was the activity you decided to do.

Oh and enjoy the wedding!


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